• Wolfmann Enduro Saddle Bags Reviewed

    HighFive reviews the Wolfman Enduro Saddle Bags and can't help but start modding.

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  • To Catch a Lynx Fairing

    Malibu_Dan buys stock in Dremel and installs a Lynx fairing on his WR250R.

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  • Flatland Racing Hard Parts for Hard Trails

    Product Reviews of Flatland Racing's Pieces Parts.

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Head to head shootout with everything in the garage from Highfive

WR250R vs. Everything
KLR or KLX? DR or WRF? Highfive pits the little blue bike that would against everything in his stable, plus a few others.
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Lynx Fairing

To Catch a Lynx

Serious Upgrade for the WRR
My two biggest remaining beefs with my wonderful WRR were wind and lighting. I thought of writing this up as a side by side with the laminar lip I had installed on the stock fairing. But after installing this kit, to be honest, there's no real comparison.
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Why the WR250R?

The Yamaha WR250R came on the scene in 2008, revolutionizing the dual sport class with a 250cc motor that was built from the guts of the R1. The first valve check is at 26,000 miles, unheard of for a 'dirt bike'. Rev the bike into the upper RPM's, and this is the little bike that can and more.