I must admit that I've been less than thrilled with the stock footpegs on my WRR.  Don't get me wrong, they have performed fine.  They are just too narrow to suit my riding style and comfort.  I exert a lot of force through applied peg pressure when I ride technical stuff.  I'm always pulling and pushing, twisting and grinding.....to hold a line or maintain traction.  This has caused me some discomfort after long rides in the rough (i.e. my foot arches have been sore).  So, you know I've been looking for a new peg solution.  And I'm very pleased to say that I think I've found it.

 These babies rock!


 ProMoto Billet Fastway Performance pegs:  Part # 22-3-005 (F5 Standard Footpeg).  And I'm about to show you why.


Here is what all comes inside this sweet little package:



 And here is a comparison to the stock peg:





The way this peg mounting system is designed is genius....pure genius!  You get this little insert collar which has an offset ridge (or lip) on it.



See how the external ring on the collar is off-center.  This is VERY important & a valuable thing, because it lets you do this:


Or this....



Which means you can do this: 


Or this...


Now, look closely at the peg mount in these two photos above.  Swapping the collar from one side to the other allows the peg mounting position to be "Up & Forward" or "Down & Rearward".  The High Mount is an exact match to the stock peg position.  While the Low Mount moves the peg position about 1/2" - 3/4" downward AND rearward.  This may seem small but it produces a significant difference for rider inputs and comforts......especially taller riders.  But, I'm a regular size guy (5' 9") and even I like the Low mount better.

It increases the seat to peg height a little more.  It lowers the rider weight when standing (and thus the bike & rider CG).  It also moves the combined CG (Center of Gravity) towards the rear wheel "just enough".  Lightens the front end just a tad....enough where things actually start feeling more "neutral" to me versus a bit of a weight bias to the front end.  I found it a bit easier to loft the front wheel over obstacles on the trail, than before.


 But WAIT.....there's more!  Check this cool feature out:


 This threaded hole lets you put this bolt with these shims into it....


Add none, one, two shims (little washers), or even more....which yield this effect:


This photo (above) is with NO shims.....just the bolt installed (which you have to do).  Next is a photo showing all four shims installed:


Yeah...you get to "DIAL IN" your exact preference for footpeg angle very precisely.  The higher you tilt the angle, the closer to the tank your knees will naturally be.  So, all you Tank Huggers can really get happy with this peg system.  As for me, I actually prefer No Shims....just the bolt head.  I like a peg straight and level, as I usually ride with an "open stance".....knees away from the tank, allowing the bike to move around beneath me, while I keep a fairly stable stance.  Comes from all my years of riding Observed Trials.  Motocrossers tend to squeeze the _ _ _ _ out of the tank, most of the time.  So hey, whatever makes you happy...these pegs aim to please.


But WAIT....there's more!


All these knarly little nipples can be screwed into all those little holes on top of the pegs to yield some MEGA grip!  OOOoooo....I like it.  And you even receive a fancy pantsy, special little tool to do it.  Here's what it looks like when you're done:


They even include a tube of Red Loctite within the package.....which you can see I took liberal advantage of.  Seems those ProMoto Billet boys thought of everything.  Maybe they are actually Riders too.....I dunno.  Anyway, its my understanding (from package instructions) that there are different "teeth" available, if you prefer something longer, or shorter, more aggressive or less....or just want to be different and mix it up for Who Knows Why.


Here they are all finished & mounted up on my WRR:






Perfect fit and finish for the WRR.  One thing though, they do not flip up all the way to the frame like the stock pegs.  These have a large "stop" built into them, mainly so they don't smash into the Rear Brake Pedal on the right-hand side.  They do flip up, but only about halfway.....which is probably plenty enough, practically speaking.

I just completed my first field test last weekend, and it was a real doozy.  I torture tested them for 3 days on the Dualsport Grandprix in the SE Oklahoma Kiamichi Moutains.  Lots of nasty rocky trails.  A perfect place to decide if I like them or not.  What's the verdict?

I LIKE them....a WHOLE lot!  Very, VERY comfortable to stand on.  Much more secure platform permitting significantly more leverage to be applied through peg pressure.  Or, you could say "less pressure required to yield same (previous) effect.  I think these babies are  keepers for me.  In the Low position, it also gave me more room for my boot under my shifter lever.  That was a nice bonus which I had not initially thought about.

 To be honest, I wasn't sure that I would like them when I first got the package and began inspecting them.  I thought there were too few of those little teeth to screw in.  Thought it needed a whole lot more of those thingys to be comfortable standing on the pegs.  Wow....was I wrong about that.  It is totally comfortable and the grip factor is fantastic.  Both the design and manufacturing quality of these pegs is top-notch.  The instructions are good and the packaging is superb.  Most importantly, my feet didn't hurt after 3 days of hard riding.    Now THAT was worth the price of admission...

 "Two Thumbs Up"