This is a review/install walk-through for the Back Roads Moto racks made for Wolfman Luggage. Berg Briggs is the mastermind behind the racks and designs each set of racks personally. He and Eric have come up with an ingenious way to mount soft saddlebags to the Lil' Blue bike, and we're going to take a closer look at the racks now.

This is the rack system you get for your hard earned dinero. Looks simple enough...

This little bracket below is simply magic, however. Berg wasn't happy with the way other craftsmen have designed the mounting on the exhaust side of the bike. So, he includes (at no additional charge) this little wonder.

He even beveled the aft outboard edge so that it will snuggle up with the frame nicely. Now THAT'S attention to detail.


This avoids the problem with some other brackets with getting access to the mounting point up under the tail. Once you have installed this little wonder, you leave it on the bike. It allows you to take the racks off and put them back on without having to wrestle with the nut between the sub-frame and the rear fender. Some talented people like BigDog have welded the nut to the sub-frame to facilitate on and off-ness. I am arc-challenged and don't have ready access to a welder; so for me Berg's solution is GOLDEN!


After (with the extra bracket installed):

Tight to the stock tail light frame, but it fits without having to loosen the tail assembly.


Wonder bracket (with the side rack installed) from under the tail.

Berg included longer allen head bolts for reinstalling the passenger pegs. I left them off so I reused the stock bolts on the exhaust side.


I ended up using the shorter allen head bolts on the opposite side because they are shorter than the stock bolts (the left passenger pegs have a built in spacer in the bracket that requires longer bolts). Since I left the pegs off, I used the shorter solution (this photo is before I switched to the shorties).

Some people have asked about the offset, and where we can mount a rotopax tank. The left side is tucked in closer to the bike, so if/when Berg makes an adapter for the rotopax, it will mount the tank outboard of the rack and under the Wolfman Saddlebags. I will take some photos for the next article, which will include the bags, with the Bigguns rotopax bracket on the left and the bags synched to that assembly and this configuration side-by-side.


As an added feature, there is a small bracket welded to the left side to allow the helmet lock to be attached. I'll have to dig mine out of the tool box and see how it works. More on that later.

Next up: Wolfman Expedition Dry Saddlebags!

This is no way intended to replace the manufacturers installation guide. In the event this article deviates from the manufacturer's, stick with his directions.