My two biggest remaining beefs with my wonderful WRR were wind and lighting. I thought of writing this up as a side by side with the laminar lip I had installed on the stock fairing. But after installing this kit, to be honest, there's no real comparison.

Let me start with the install... or rather the tear down.

If at any time these instructions deviate from the manufacturer recommendation, follow their instructions. These are only intended as a suggestion of how I installed my Lynx Fairing.

I was excited to see what Ian from Britannia Composites told me was the first black Lynx for a WR250R shipped. Unpacked the box, and checked the parts list.

Next thing is to line up an assistant. As you can see by my choice of assistant--you can probably handle this by yourself...

Start off by tearing stuff down. Remove seat and parts to access wiring, stock headlight, speedo,etc.

Once you've removed the speedo, the wires, and have a bare bracket staring back at you, you have to make a decision. One of the bracket bolts is designed so it can't be removed without drilling it out. Unfortunately, you can't easily get a drill in there.

The other option is to cut the bracket off. As I wasn't planning on going back to the stock setup later, it just made sense to pull out the DREMELâ„¢!

My assistant was getting tired, I decided to call it a night. I'll pick up tomorrow.

Next Up: Build or Hack - Lynx Part II