I started out by grinding down the rough edges on the bracket. Not sure it was necessary, but wanted to do this first rate.

I told Ian when I ordered my Lynx, that I didn't want the mounting holes for the speedo pre-done. I'll show you how I laid it out--you may just want to let Britannia Composites do it for you. If I had to do it over, I might do the same. I wanted it mounted a little higher, but didn't think about the brake line. I'm okay with it, but a couple of the idiot lights are obscured in the position I have it.

I used the now freed bracket as a template. I inserted the rubber grommets to make it more precise.

I needed to open up the holes to the same diameter as the bracket because I wanted to reuse the stock rubber grommets.

Next was to layout the hole for the speedo plug.

Once I had the Dremel™ out, I just couldn't stop!

I needed to open up the cutout around the forks. This may have been because I had raised my forks in the triple clamps, and the fork is slightly wider than the cap.

I also needed to cut away the dash because it hit the mount for the Cycra handguards. I have the type that mount to the triple clamps, and they got in the way a little. No biggie, the dash cuts like butter with a spiral bit in the Dremel™

Mounted the handlebar clamps.

Fed the speedo wire through the dash.

Carefully snapped the plug back in the speedo.

Here's how it looks all buttoned up.

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