The instructions mention that if you're keeping the stock turn signals, you may need to grind away some of the fairing. Thank goodness for Dremel™!

No, I'm not really sponsored by Dremel™... although if anyone is reading this from the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation, give me a call--we'll talk.

First up, you'll need to mount the regulators to the back of the dash. Ian gives you some self tapping screws to do this.

Routing the wires is easier if you lift the tank up a bit.

A inline fuse is provided, unless you have a Fuzeblock, or similar solution. Like I do...

Connect the lights into the socket plug provided.

What it looks like all buttoned up.

The bottom of the fairing mounts on these longer (provided) bolts.

Now it was time to start grinding away on the side of the fairing for clearance to the stock front turn signals.

The weapon of choice? A sanding bit on the... that's right, Dremel™!

Used a hi-tech solution for the white edge of the sanded away fairing. Sharpie™ (maybe they'll sponsor me)!

Button up the top.

Haven't put the wing nuts on the bottom mount points, but I wanted to see what it all looked like. Good thing it was dark out again, so I could test it out!

WOW! Is that bright! I think I just saw my neighbor across the cove flip me off from his bedroom window!

Oops... looks like I wired it backwards. That's okay, I've got some final fitment to do, so I'll have to take it apart anyways. I'll fix it next time.

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