Okay, time to work out the final fitment and get the WRR back on the road! Hmmm, still hitting the bracket...


I also had a problem with the stock location on the dash for the keyhole. It was a little too high, and the key doesn't freely find it's home.


I actually used a cutting disk on the... wait for it... Dremel™, to enlarge the hole.

What ensued were a series of grinding on the fairing, and cutting on the dash until I got everything the way I wanted it!

Yep, used the Sharpie™ to finish off the job (again).

Next step was to button up the wing nuts on the bottom of the fairing. One problem, it's a tight fit. I could have made it work, but it was going to be annoying. Wait! Time for another assistant. This one with smaller hands, AND opposable thumbs!

My daughter started the wing nuts for me. And then I used a long screw driver to tighten them to spec (no, there is no spec for wing nuts, silly).

Working from the side, then the back, alternately.

All buttoned up!

Time for some ride impressions.

When I commute on the WRR, it's about 20 miles each way on divided highway at speeds of 70ish. When I want to ride on something other than Memphis roads, it's about a 2 hour ride on various paved thruways to get anywhere interesting. With the wind screen in the up position, it moves the air at 70mph up off my chest and about at the top of the visor on the helmet. With the screen down, it puts the air about at my chin. The difference is night and day, hands down better to best. It's comparable air to my V-Strom with the Madstat bracket.

I could have done cheaper solutions if this was my only goal. I could have used one of the handle-bar or otherwise mounted wind screens to solve the problem of fatigue from wind buffeting of the helmet. However, the Britannia Composites Lynx Fairing also gave me full vision lighting at night. This improvement was way beyond my hopes! All this in what I feel is an aggressively styled solution, that looks awesome on the WRR.

I give the Lynx Fairing 5 stars for form and 5 stars for function. The looks, the lighting, and the wind performance are above top notch. I would give it 4 stars for fit--this due mostly to the mis-placed keyhole and amount of trimming necessary to get the fit to the level I wanted. That said, it was a breeze with my trusty Dremel™, I just hadn't expected quite this much grinding to use with the stock turn signals. When all was said and done, I love it!

You can find the Lynx Fairing on the Britannia Composites website, or even order one for your very self! Tell Ian I sent ya--maybe he'll put in a good word with Sharpie™ for me.

The End. ~Malibu_Dan