This falls under the category of "why didn't I think of that"....BEFORE I needed it. I met a guy who invented his own tool (of sorts) and said "WOW...CooL...I need that". So, he went back into his lab to custom make one for R². A few trial & errors, fits & refits, then Voila!

Here is the end result. It packs small & weighs less than one pound:


Somebody turn on the Strip-Tease music...

If a picture's worth a thousand words, then I just spoke 9,000 of them!

Maybe the best $35 I've ever spent for DS riding. NEVER again will I be wallowing around on the ground, desperately (hopelessly) trying to get my rear tire back on with the bike laying sideways on the ground. It was a nice, confident feeling riding the Winter Dualsport Ride From Hell #2 with this little jewel packed in the bottom of my Dirtbagz.

The Front Tire is no problem to get on & off while laying down. But the rear tire...boy, problem solved! And, its total "piece of cake". With the front brake lock (velcro strap) the bike doesn't budge an inch (that's the black smudgy spot laying on the floor by the bag (yes it comes with it). She is rock-solid in the air. More solid than sitting on my lift-stand (cause it doesn't scoot around...back & forth). I LIKE it. And that white round plastic thingy goes under the tool if you're in soft soil.

Its obvious, the inventor not only "thought it thru," he has tested it thoroughly in the field. Now, there's one available for R². He had a bunch of sizes for other bikes too: KLX 250, KLR 650, DR 650, DRZ 400, etc. Has anybody seen this before? If so, WHY didn't you tell us about it? Anyway....I did! So, here you go.


Edit Update:  Bad news.....the inventor/manufacturer has informed me that he has stopped production of these units as of 8/20/09.  They will no longer be available for sale.  This is a real bummer, as it is a very nice piece.  Glad I bought one for both my WRR & my KLR before he quit.