Many folks have wondered if they could use Wolfman Enduro Bags on the WRR. too. So, it was time to spend some top secret R&D in the mad Highfive Laboratory. I spent a little over a month messing with the setup. Tried several different methods. What you're about to see is the best solution I have developed (for me). The best part, is it can ALL be done on the cheap, by hand, in your own garage. That was one of my self-imposed stipulations for this particular task....for a challenge!

Finally carved out some time this evening to work on my gearing changes with my Sidewinder stuff. Here's the goods:

The 10,000 lb "Smart Chain" in silver "half of forever" version:


This falls under the category of "why didn't I think of that"....BEFORE I needed it. I met a guy who invented his own tool (of sorts) and said "WOW...CooL...I need that". So, he went back into his lab to custom make one for R². A few trial & errors, fits & refits, then Voila!

Here is the end result. It packs small & weighs less than one pound: it is. I received the Force Radiator Guard today. Following are some pictures of the install. This is a really nice piece of work. Strong too. Best protection of any guard I have seen yet.

Here is where I ordered it from: Total, including shipping was under 80 dollars.