The Highfive Shootout!
October 2008


Editor’s Note: the following articles were originally posted in the ADVRider forum by the author. It has been reposted here, with some minor editing to enhance readability. The contents of this shootout are the thoughts of Highfive with the exception of the commentary noted “Krabill” (his ever present riding buddy).


Highfive with WR250R

Enough this a good bike or a not so good bike? The forums have been all over the map regarding Little Blue. I couldn't stand it anymore. I HAD TO KNOW FOR MYSELF! Once and for all. Is this "The ONE" we've all been waiting for, or not? I'm speaking on behalf of the true dualsport riders. Those of us that really ride it hard on the street and on the trail. I mean, can we really get hardcore offroad with this little beauty? And, still fly comfortably down the big slab afterword. I mean...come’s just a 250!

It was the "fun" factor that reeled me in. I kept hearing "fun", "funner”, and “most fun ever!” That is what I wanted more than anything. So, you got me…

And, I'm about to give my honest, straightforward, unbiased opinion, but first some qualifiers. Most of you don't know me, some of you do. I've been an expert trials rider for 20+ years. I’ve competed in MX, Enduro, Cross Country, and Dualsport events nationwide. Not bragging....just saying.

I currently own a KLX250 (son's school ride), DR350s, WR450F, KLR650, KTM 950 Adventure. And now the WR250R. Point being, I currently have all these bikes to run a head to head test. Lots of street out front and a baby MX track out back. Plus, I'm enlisting my good friend "Krabill" to join me and share his own opinion here. After all, he is the one who turned me onto this blue beauty.

Beauty and the Beast!

WR250R vs KLR650

This photo was taken the day after I brought Little Blue home. I didn't get more than about 10 miles on her, before it was time to pack up and head to Russellville, AR for the AMA National Dualsport Event, the Ozark200. So, I loaded up the Pig (aka KLR Beast) and embarked on the 3 hour slab ride to the event. In hindsight, I sure wish I had ridden Little Blue. It would have made a whale of "break-in" period. But, that's another wild story altogether.

So, back to the comparison....let’s get going!

Next Up: Preparation