Yeah, you got it right...I was really trying to baby your bike because it was new and I didn't want to drop it.

I've got super stiff suspension on my KLR because the group of guys I used to trail ride with all started buying enduro bikes and the stock suspension was way too soft to keep up with them. I slowly made it stiffer and stiffer until it got to the point where it is now. Those guys on the enduro bikes can't outrun me on the rough stuff anymore. This, however, makes it an absolute torture rack on seemingly "easy" terrain. Rough and fast it actually feels pretty good. The track was rough and fast. My KLR did pretty well, I thought. I don't know what HF is talking about a lack of power for, though. Maybe he didn't want to peg my bike like he thinks I didn't want to peg his bike, but I run the KLR's throttle to the stop and kept it revved up high and she just gits. Of course it's still a big fat pig, but put knobbies on 'er, rev it to the moon, wrestle it around and it does surprisingly well.

I get done torturing my poor KLR and here comes HF out of the garage on his 950 heading for the track I figured it was a joke at first, but he rode right past us and out onto the track. Listening to those dual Akro's screaming while poor mother earth stands no chance of holding itself together under those massive TKC's is something to witness, I'll tell ya.

He runs that monster around a few laps, then pulls up beside us by-standers. All of us were still laughing. He hops off with the motor still running, looks me in the eyes and points to the seat. Me? Really? On the track? I don't think he's really thought this all the way through.

I throw on my helmet without saying a word and jump right on that bad boy. Keep in mind I've only ridden this behemouth a few times on the pavement, so I'm not all that familiar with it. Click 'er into 1st. Pull out onto the track…lay it over and roll on the throttle heading for turn 1. HOLY $%!#--I took the by-pass for all the jumps because I didn't want to be responsible for tearing up HF's beauty, but I'd lay that big, fat monster right over and just start rolling on the throttle in the corners. On my second lap, I could see all the trenches I was digging on the corner exits from the previous lap. This thing is an honest-to-goodness trenching machine.

Needless to say, I had a ball, but I also don't think HF will be loaning me his 950 for any more track time.

End score of these three - WRR>KLR>950 (as if that even needed to be said)

By the way, did I mention how good the brakes are on R²? Unbelievably good. Maybe best brakes I've ever had...equal to those dual brakes on the 950. Maybe even better. Why would anyone think they need the bigger brake from the WRX model for more stopping power on the WRR model? I think that only comes from folks who haven't tried the WRR brakes. They get your attention REALLY fast! I can unload suspension and plant a nose wheelie without too much effort. Golly, I love these brakes!!!

I like the horn too. Just discovered how loud it is. Need to buy a bucket full of those and swap out horns on all my other bikes. Way better than that FIMM Freeway Blaster I bought thru Aerostitch. It doesn't work as good as advertised. My only disappointment with anything from Aerostitch so far. I love that catalog!

I don't like the mirrors. Kind of dinky with a really weird locknut system. Hard to get it all adjusted right after you have removed them. Plus the right hand side is reverse thread, but left side is normal!? Not sure what to do about this situation. So, see there, I actually found something I don't like finally. I'm feeling better now...

Next Up: Krabill's Take on Single Track