My bike had an odometer reading of 00000.0 miles on it when I picked up. They had just finished the uncrate and assembly. I was the first one to push the Magic Button. It shocked us all (sales mgr, mechanics, and me) when it started running after maybe 2 turns of the little crankshaft!

The Sales Manager was trying to explain to me how I should break it in gently for 600 miles or something, and blah blah honor the warranty, etc. But, I was having trouble hearing over the constant reving of the motor. So, I did the most polite thing I could….I shifted into gear and rode away, while reminding myself "this is only a 250."

About 10 miles to home down the city streets, then up on the big state highway. This thing ran nice and quiet with no vibration to speak of. Very much like NoVector (ADVrider forum) had represented. My compliments and thanks to his most accurate descriptions!

Most noticeable: the riding position felt very comfortable to me. At 5' 9", I was concerned with all the "tall" talk. Instead, I found myself loving it right away. Very comfortable, and I liked the feeling of sitting up higher than most cars. Felt more visible. Meanwhile, this little blue beauty feels TOTALLY PLANTED to the road. Very solid feeling....supermotard like. Nimble and agile thru the corners and firm down the freeway.

Well, what can you tell in a simple little ride home "taking it easy"? So, I put it away...go to ride the OZARK200 on my Pig, then anxiously return home to get down to serious business the following week.

Next Up: Krabill--Road Test