Road Test

Rank               Highfive          Krabill

1                      950                 950

2                      KLR                 R2

3                      R2                   KLR

4                      DR                   KLX

5                      KLX                 DR

6                      450                 450


HF Comments: #1 hands down is KTM950 Adventure (The Black Princess). #2 was really tough decision. R2 definitely has better handling, more planted feel, superior brakes, and less vibration across the entire rpm range. But, I’ve got so much road time on my KLR, I just couldn’t give up the spot. It has good comfort, superior range, superb reliability (important long way from home), and is a proven Pack Mule! But, I guess you could call it a tie for 2nd. I need some long distance trips on R2 under my belt. I ranked DR #4 because of its nice long legs. Cramped riding position wasn’t as big a problem on the road compared to on the trail. Just love that 350 motor. Sure wish I could put that motor in the KLX frame. Wow…There’s a thought! KLX is nice on the road, just a small motor that feels like it. Nice road manners, though. WR450F…forget it. Krabill Comments: On the road, the 950 is a no-brainer. Mind numbing power, incredible handling, and brakes that actually work. It was a toss-up between the R2 and the KLR for #2 spot because the KLR is miles ahead in a few categories like fuel and cargo capacity. Those two things can be very important depending on where you’re heading and what you’re doing. Even with the few KLR pluses, I still think I’d take the R2 because of its superior handling, comfort, BRAKES, and smooth motor.


MX Test

Rank               Highfive          Krabill

1                      450                 450

2                      R2                   R2

3                      KLX                 KLX

4                      DR                   DR

5                      KLR                 KLR

6                      950                 950


HF comments: The WR450F is a BLAST on the track! Next three…Ok, I guess...just for fun. The last two….only if someone begs you to do it.

Krabill comments: Not really much to say here other than if you ever get a chance to take a 950 on the track. . . . DO IT ! ! ! HF follow-up to Krabill comment: Yeah…only if you don’t actually own it !


Trail Test

Rank               Highfive          Krabill

1                      R2                   R2

2                      450                 450

3                      KLX                 KLX

4                      KLR                 DR

5                      DR                   KLR

6                      950                 950


HF comments: Nuff said between WR250R and WR450F already. KLX was very pleasing on trail. I like it. Just not as much as the other two. I ranked "MY" KLR next because its HIGHLY modified with superb Cogent Dynamics suspension front and rear. I’m very comfortable on it for EASY trails. Have survived HARD trails (barely). I’d much rather have the DR on HARD trails. Then I’d like to switch back to my KLR for easy trails. Can some one follow me on the DR….please, then swap me when I want? The 950….well, I don’t ever want to pick it up off the ground by myself again! Nuff said.Krabill comments: This is the important one. The TRAIL. This is where a dualsport bike either shines or falls on its face. It needs to be able to cover miles of varying terrain with as little effort as possible. Of all the bikes I’ve ever ridden, I can’t think of a single one that does it better than the R2. Not one. The silky smooth motor, the comfortable seat, the near complete lack of motor vibrations, and the plush suspension all mix together to make it my hands down, not even close, won it by a mile, top pick for a trail ride mount if I had to choose.


Well, there you have it. We are all done, time to shut-up and ride!