I've had my WRR 3 weeks now. Broken in and run hard on street, MX track, and major enduro trails. I'll cover each segment in comparison to the other bikes. I want Krabill to have a chance to weigh in his independent opinion. Who knows where he is right now...probably out riding his KLR.

I'm not going to post a lot of photos as it’s the same exact bike (stock) as everyone else’s. Same as you can go sit on at your local bike shop and drool over. There have already been enough photos posted from about every conceivable angle (except inside the motor).

Now, its "put up or shut up" time. So, to authenticate my shootout here's the stable-mates in the Highfive Shootout:


Say what you want, but there is a big advantage to a garage FULL of bikes. My wife can't tell what's "out there." She wouldn't even know there was a new one hiding in there...cause they all look so much the same.

Nuff said! :D

Next Up: In the Shop