AIS System Removal

The AIS (Air Injection System) is a common component found on bikes with a catalytic converter.  It injects clean air directly into the cylinder to help it warm the exhaust gases upon initial startup and bring the catalytic converter up to operating temperature quicker.  If you go with an aftermarket exhaust, the AIS is no longer serving any purpose and will actually cause backfiring on decel.  Time to dump it.  We offer a kit for this which includes the AIS block-off plate, the large rubber cap for the air box and also the smaller cap needed to remove the air box flapper mechanism since most people seem to remove these two components at the same time.

1)  First, locate the AIS solenoid which is under the left radiator shroud.  To begin removal, first remove the metal strap holding the rubber tube in place.

2) Unplug the solenoid by pressing down on the tab and pulling the connector off.

3) Remove all the hose clamps and the short piece of hose connecting the solenoid to the chrome tubing leading to the cylinder.

4) Slide the solenoid off of its mount.

A close-up of the mount so you can see the solenoid has to slide off towards the bike.

5)  Unbolt the chrome tube leading to the cylinder and install a block-off plate making sure to re-use the metal oem gasket under the plate.

6)  Now go to the right side of the bike and locate where the AIS hose connects to the airbox.  Remove the hose and install the large rubber cap (3/8") included with the kit.  It is the lower hose in this picture.  DO NOT disconnect the upper hose going to the airbox.  I would also suggest using one of the shiny chrome hose clamps from the AIS solenoid to further secure the rubber cap.


7)  Once that is complete, just pull the hose out.  The last thing to tidy up is the electrical connection that was plugged into the AIS solenoid.  Release the ziptie right next to it and use that to hold the end out of harms way.

That’s it. You’re done.  Re-install the plastics and you’re ready to ride.  Enjoy!

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US Domestic Kit + shipping = $22

International Kit + shipping - $40