Last winter, I spent 4 days in subfreezing weather for a real endurance test on body & bike.  Sleeping in the bush, on the ground.  The Krabill kept nagging me to go for months in advance....some bright idea about an Extreme Winter Dualsport Ride.  Turns out eleven brave souls (more like crazy idiots) started, but only ten riders finished.  It all began like this:



A whopping 12 degrees on the first morning.  Told you we were "on the ground"!


The advantages of fuel injection soon shined, as my WRR was the only bike in the whole group to fire right up and purrrrrr like a kitten.  The rest were dealing with stubborn starting &/or dead batteries.  Here's how my WRR was packed for the whole trip: 



I had removed the shiny "Ironing Plate" top from my GYTR Tailrack.  Found it too slippery for my tastes.  The DrySeal Bag just wouldn't sit still on that thing.  But once removed, it never budged.  However, the "cause & effect" resulted in this:



My "system" worked great & nothing moved around...not even an inch.  But you can see how the DrySeal Bag rubbed on my fender.  Not to worry though.  As this just gave 'ol Highfive a fun new project to conquer.  


The following photos show my solution:


Removed rack from bike:





Welded additional spar (cross-member):





Painted it with flat black primer:





Then, requisitioned this fine stuff at local Home Depot:





And got busy "Rubber Coating" my whole tail rack like this:





Reinstalled on the bike:







Ain't she PURDEE!!







And, I can even put top plate back on for the Black-Tie Dinners....if I want to:





I'll eventually put some kind of tailbag on for running around town.  Might use the "Ironing Plate", might not.   But guarantee I won't be using that shiny top plate when I take a serious Dualsport camping trip.  I don't like anything scooting around back there while I'm pounding the trails.  And this setup with my DrySeal Bag bungeed to my bare rack works FANTASTIC.


So Voila!  The fender rubbing is all fixed now.