The Dirtbagz brackets were not perfectly compatible with my GYTR Tail Rack, straight out of the box.  I don't think I took a photo of the problem before I did the mod.  But, you might find it on BigDog Adventures website in his WRR mods section.  Basically, both racks come toward the mounting bolt from the left side (in same position).  Thus, they are competing for the same space.....and that doesn't work.  

The following modifications were made to accommodate the simultaneous mounting of both racks together.  Takes a little cutting and welding.  So, you might need to find a buddy or shop with a welder.  This procedure is officially known as the "Big Dog Mod".

First thing to do is to permanently affix the backup nut which mounts the right side bracket to the subframe under the rear fender.  There is no easy way to get your hand up under there to hold a nut for installation, without removing the rear fender.  That would get really irritating over time.  So, here's the simply fix:  Mount the bolt into the nut, then tack it in place.  Remove the bolt and finish the weld around the nut.  Be careful not to be too aggressive with the welder on your subframe.  Remember, electricity will conduct really well through your whole frame and get into every part of the electrical system, if you don't take proper precautions.  Make sure you disconnect the battery leads, before welding on the frame.  Finished part looks like this:


Makes the install & removal of Dirtbagz bracket on right side a breeze! Must do for everyone with the bagz.

Next up, was the mod to the left side Dirtbagz bracket for mounting on the main frame bolt.  I had previously mounted the Dirtbags bracket to my helmet lock.  Drilled an extra hole in that thing for it.  But, I got worried my helmet lock plate would be a weak point if I fell over on the left side. Figured the plate would bend and then likely crack or snap off when straightened. So, BigDog gets full credit for this very effective mod.  I made this change after seeing his post on his website.


Just cut the pipe, take out a section about 3/4" long near the flange, rotate it upward, & re-weld. Piece of cake.  It moves the Dirtbagz bracket down to the 7 O'clock position instead of the 9 O'clock position.  Now, both brackets can mount up to the same (proper) mounting hold in the subframe.  A great improvement which helps the Dirtbagz bracket to stay in approximately the same position as it was originally designed to be.  They are not out of balance (high/low...narrow/wide) from side to side.

I didn't have a welder, so I took it to a friends shop and we knocked it out in about 30 minutes! You can still use the same long attachment bolt that comes with the Dirtbagz.


Krabill Option:

Here's my little tip for the day...

If you're running the yamaha tail rack, the left side dirt bagz rack won't mate up to the upper mount. Both BigDog and HF cut the upper tab off the DB rack and re-welded it in a location that would work. I tried to find an easier way. I found by sticking a nut just big enough for the mounting bolt to slide through (without threading it) worked perfectly by getting the DirtBagz mount out far enough to clear the Yamaha rack. And I can still use the helmet lock with this setup.

I had the big nut just laying around, but I did have to go to the hardware store to buy a longer mounting bolt (m8x50).