Tinkering again....


During an extreme Winter Dualsport ride, I encountered a serious problem out in the remote bush.  My water pump hose got sliced by some brush!  Had to make a quick fix using some duct tape....always carry duct tape.







Then, go to the nearest town & find a suitable replacement hose.







When in need, you improvise.  This was some kind of industrial machine hose....so tough

and hard, that I could barely cut it with my big hunting knife.  It didn't help matters that the temperature was about 15 degrees below freezing (the entire 4 days we stayed out in the bush).  And, how lucky was I to find a hose with the right diameter to work out a temporary solution?  This was the only store of any kind for miles on end.  A little Mom & Pop general store which had some hardware.


Anyway, I promised myself I'd address this "exposure" issue when I got home.  Well, I did.  Here's how:













Issue resolved.  Won't ever happen to me again.  Nuff said!