I know...I was a real holdout for the Butt Tuck.Mainly, because it was mostly cosmetic. But I didn't realize just how BIG the stock tail was until I got it off the bike and held each in one hand for comparison. WOW!

Here's my end result:



Time to put the massive 300 Watt Alternator to work. Was going to make all my own wiring harnesses with fuses and relays, then I saw this wonderful solution from Eastern Beaver. It is really, really posh....super nice unit. Get 3 circuits from one waterproof fuse box with only one set of ring terminals on the battery and one master contact relay. Check it out at this link:

>>Eastern Beaver Company<<

Bought the matching negative wire terminal to go with it. Wired the Relay to that 4th hot lead which was going to the stock tail unit (for the license plate light....no longer needed). How convenient! So, I pulled three sets of wires from the fusebox up my frame to the steering column. Here is what I used them for:


I chunked the EXUP Servo Motor without throwing an engine warning light, and in fact actually improving engine performance further (in my opinion). I installed the Steveakus Servo Sub to replace the motor. After this 3 day endurance test, I can tell you Steve is a GENIUS!!! You can either buy a Sub from Steve or make one yourself using his free diagram (if you're an EE). Here is the link to his thread on >>ThumperTalk<<. Its all explained over there.

I purchased his pre-made unit which I soldered into place after cutting loose the original Servo Motor. Simple to install & superb quality! Nuff said.

Photo with Motor removed and wires cut:


More tinkering in the garage today. Had to build new mounting plates for my front LED blinkers. My originals worked fine with the exception that they rubbed on the tank shrouds at full lock steering (both sides). For reference, here was the my first version:


It wasn't a big deal, but it just wasn't completely perfect. If I had made the bends shorter (raised the blinker a little higher), it would have been fine.