More tinkering in the garage today. Had to build new mounting plates for my front LED blinkers. My originals worked fine with the exception that they rubbed on the tank shrouds at full lock steering (both sides). For reference, here was the my first version:


It wasn't a big deal, but it just wasn't completely perfect. If I had made the bends shorter (raised the blinker a little higher), it would have been fine.

Since my riding buddy (Krabill) was Ohio to pickup his R² (at that INSANE purchase price) , I found myself hanging around the Highfive Laboratory so why not build a new part or two. After incubating a better solution, here is my "revised" prototype:

This was all done "on the cheap" by hand, in my garage. Used Aluminum bar stock from Home Depot (1/8" thick x 1 1/2" wide). Drilled the holes, then cut the straight piece 2" long & rounded the corners. Then duplicate & paint:

Everything fits perfectly, but it is a tight squeeze amongst the various parts & bolts. I just had to figure out what order to reassembly the headlight and blinker mounts. The end result is perfection!

They just peak out past the headlight frame, but are "tucked in" on the bike the maximum possible for protection. These little Motrax blinkers have a rubber mount too, so I doubt that I'll ever break them in this location. More better now!