Time to put the massive 300 Watt Alternator to work. Was going to make all my own wiring harnesses with fuses and relays, then I saw this wonderful solution from Eastern Beaver. It is really, really posh....super nice unit. Get 3 circuits from one waterproof fuse box with only one set of ring terminals on the battery and one master contact relay. Check it out at this link:

>>Eastern Beaver Company<<

Bought the matching negative wire terminal to go with it. Wired the Relay to that 4th hot lead which was going to the stock tail unit (for the license plate light....no longer needed). How convenient! So, I pulled three sets of wires from the fusebox up my frame to the steering column. Here is what I used them for:


Look closely and you will see a BMW Powerlet and a digital voltmeter attached to my handlebar (2 circuits). And the 3rd line I wired into an SAE plug connector for my GPS which is ziptied to my clutch cable. You can see it there if you squint. Sorry....no arrow or circles added. You'll find it.

Credit goes to Cyborg on ADVrider who posted up the little digital voltmeter. You can get one at:

>>Lascar Electronics<<

I used a 15 amp fuse for the BMW Plug (heated gear), and 5 amp fuses on both of the other two circuits. This box uses the Mini-blades which is another nice thing about it. Quite compact. Its all stuffed under my seat out of the way next to my FMF-PP....in the spot where that flapper vacuum cannister was. Fits perfectly out of harms way.

The small voltmeter is a very effective unit for a decent price. But you'll need surgical tools and magnifiers to work with the dinky wiring that comes on them. Its got a nice rubber backing, so I mounted that flush to my plate and didn't worry about any extra waterproofing. Figured I give it a hard field test. I really wanted to "KNOW" what my system was doing with all the Heated Clothing while I was riding out in the woods. I wore a Powerlet jacket and gloves the whole time on the trail. Even at slow putt-putt speeds with very low revs, the voltmeter never registered anything below 13.8 volts. How sweet is that! Made everyone on the 2nd Annual Dualsport Ride From Hell sooooooo JEALOUS! Think I'll go full enchilada for next time and add heated pants + heated socks! She'll do it all....

Regarding the Powerlet Plug, I made the mounting plate attached to my handlebar mount out of aluminum and then painted black. Need to repaint it better (I was in a rush). Paint doesn't seem to stick too well to the Home Depot aluminum bar stock. Well that, and maybe cause it was 19 degrees when I was painting it outside hanging from a tree limb. Anyway, this mount worked very well thru some really hard (bouncy) riding for 3 days. Think I like it very much!

Here's some pics of the 3 circuit fusebox and where it sits. I pulled it up to expose it for 1st photo:

And this is how it looks all tucked down, snuggled into the pocket.


Yeah...I know, the air filter is real dirty! That's a nice feeling. Told you it was a long "rough" ride!