I chunked the EXUP Servo Motor without throwing an engine warning light, and in fact actually improving engine performance further (in my opinion). I installed the Steveakus Servo Sub to replace the motor. After this 3 day endurance test, I can tell you Steve is a GENIUS!!! You can either buy a Sub from Steve or make one yourself using his free diagram (if you're an EE). Here is the link to his thread on >>ThumperTalk<<. Its all explained over there.

I purchased his pre-made unit which I soldered into place after cutting loose the original Servo Motor. Simple to install & superb quality! Nuff said.

Photo with Motor removed and wires cut:



Comparison of replacement part. One weighs Pounds, the other Ounces!


The Steveakus Servo Sub all soldered in place. I folded it up & tucked it away behind the battery in nice tight spot. Then Zip-tied. Such a COOL mod.


Biggest surprise was the Butt Dyno. It told me R² actually runs better with this mod. Seemed to have better pull and better top-end with all my gear loaded to the max! That's the "GENIUS" part. I don't know why....but I bet Steve does. Dont' care if you believe it or not. The bike just ran fantastic all weekend. I love this mod.