I know...I was a real holdout for the Butt Tuck.Mainly, because it was mostly cosmetic. But I didn't realize just how BIG the stock tail was until I got it off the bike and held each in one hand for comparison. WOW!

Here's my end result:



The small tail unit was purchased from Wheeling Cycle Supply.  Its a breeze to install and fits perfect.

Initially, I didn't go with the Wheeling LED Blinkers.  I found something cheaper at Cycle Gear.  These Motrax brand are tiny and only cost me $21.59 per set (on sale).  Note:  2 per pkg...I already removed one before photo.




 Nice, compact LED units that looked quite bright in my garage.  Here is how small they are:






I put them on the front too.  Had to make my own brackets for that.  There is another article posted showing the front mounts I made.

This system functioned well enough, but according to both Krabill & my son, these Motrax blinkers were very hard to notice in action during daylight hours.  So, I guess they weren't "bright enough".

Preferring safety over frugality, I promptly purchased the Wheeling Cycle LED Blinkers (602 style) and replaced these Motrax.  And the Wheeling version is definitely much better.  Very visible in the daytime.   Should have done that from the git-go.  Here's a couple of photos with the 602 Blinkers installed: